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January 9, 2015
Renewable energy sources
We will design an effective system utilizing renewable energy in your building, which will provide savings of energy costs and increase energy independence.
Solar panels
We carry out installation of photovoltaic panels and solar collectors with an individual approach and a focus on customer needs.
Heat pumps
We design systems with a appropriate use of heat pumps to help you enjoy ideal temperatures and hot water in your home with energy savings up to 80% versus conventional systems.
Air conditioning
We carry out assembly of the air conditioning system for residential and commercial buildings.

About us


Did you know that within an hour falls to the Earth’s surface as much solar radiation, it would be enough to cover the annual consumption of the entire World? Solar panels are actively using solar energy and transform it into heat respectively. electricity, depending on the type of solar panel. Invest in a solar system and start using solar radiation for your own use and in addition to the money that you save, you will have a good feeling that you actively contribute to improvement of the environment.

BASSO s.r.o. provides services specifically for you, because we know that you care about the environment. We focus on renewable energy sources and its installation on commercial, residential or any other objects with a strong intention to significant energy cost savings for our customers.

In terms of energy and economic effectiveness of installation it is important to deal with a complex range of services before and after installation of solar panels, photovoltaics or heat pumps. A part of this package is an energy audit and proposal of the most appropriate solutions for the most effective energy saving and energy costs savings. Following is a projection and comprehensive solution to all legislative requirements, permits and subsidies. After the installation procedure it is a commonplace for any service, advice, and last but not least the monitoring system of produced and consumed electrical energy to which you will have an access through the application on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone .

Our goal is to significantly contribute, through our business activities, to reduce energy consumption, increase the share of renewables in energy mix and energetic independence, and thus improve the environment both in Slovakia as well as globally.


Energy audit

The aim is to provide you the most effective solutions precisely tailored to your needs. 

Proposal of appropriate solutions

We will design the ideal solution and deal with the entire paperwork.

Installation of renewable energy sources

Through our certified installers we implement top quality projects. 

Monitoring system

Monitoring system will provide an complete overview of the total production and consumption of electricity


Energy audit

reducing energy consumption

One of the main ideas is to provide comprehensive services for the most efficient solutions. Reducing energy consumption and energy costs of our customers is the cornerstone of our business. It is therefore important to provide energy audit services so we propose the best possible solution that is most appropriate for you.

Proposal of appropriate solutions

complex services

The goal is not to install the largest number of components, but the optimal amount for their effective use and the profitability of the whole investment. We make sure that you get the maximum return out of your investment. All the associate paperwork like permits, certificates, notifications or grants will be taken care of by us. 


Installation of renewable energy sources

quality execution

Primary steps in creating a proposal is to take measures to reduce energy consumption and streamline the entire operation. Subsequently, the proposals of appropriate installations are created.Through our certified installers we will install the proposed system with all the accessories for correct operation. At the same time we take care of commissioning of power system and all the elements associated with it.

Monitoring system

overview of consumption

Monitoring system is a very important part of the whole installation to fulfill the need for comprehensiveness and effectiveness. It is responsible for data collection and analysis of the total electricity produced as well as its consumption. On the basis of this monitoring system you will have clear overview in real time on the production and consumption of electricity, the savings opportunities, as well as an overview of return on investment. You have access to all of that via your PC, tablet or smartphone.

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